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Special moments deserve hearing instruments that let you experience rich, clear sound.  ReSound Saxo hearing instruments are equipped with ear to ear communication, so adjustments to volume and programs are automatically synchronized in both hearing instruments.  The smart feedback system in ReSound Saxo eliminates whistling that can occur when talking on the phone or receiving a hug.

 ReSound Saxo hearing instruments are also compatible with a wide range of smart wireless accessories.  These accessories can further improve your performance in difficult listening situations.

 ReSound Saxo hearing instruments let you enjoy your active lifestyle to the fullest. There’s no need to compromise, no need to hold back, because Saxo’s robust construction and protective nanotech coating gives you the durability you need to match the life you lead.

What you get & what it does for you:

Directionality Options: 
Participate in conversations and still be aware of surrounding sounds, even in a noisy restaurant.

Whistle Protection: Premium technology that greatly reduces feedback, so you can hug your loved ones.

Sound Processing: Delivers such a natural sounding listening experience, you may forget you are wearing hearing devices.

Automatic Gain Adjustment: Individualized volume setting for any environmental listening situation.

Noise Regulator: Tracks and reduces disturbing sounds, even in the noisiest environments.

Wind Guard: Detects the wind direction and adjusts the volume level to suit your active outdoor life.

Ear 2 Ear Communication: Adjust volume or program settings in one hearing aid, and it automatically adjusts the hearing aid on the other ear.

Ear to Ear: Directionality and Wireless options will vary by model.

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